How to improve Steam Level from games

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How to improve Steam Level from games

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It's the same XP required to upgrade the characters in the game. Our Steam account can also be used for Steam Level up, of course, we need Steam XP. The current Steam highest level is 5000, he has more than 100 million XP. Generally speaking, there are two ways to get XP. One is through the synthesis of badges, the other is through the game.

Obtain XP by synthesizing badges, I believe most players already understand. Now it's time to know how the game increases our Steam Level.

The first way to get XP through games is to get randomly dropped trading cards or Steam level Booster Packs by playing games. Obtain all the cards needed for a badge, then synthesize the badge to get 100XP.

The second is the way few people choose, and that is to buy games. Buying a game can increase 1 XP. This has little effect on Steam level upgrades. But how to participate in promotional activities on Steam, according to the rules of the activity, if you buy a lot of games, you can get tens of millions of XP reward badges.

The third is a mechanism that no longer exists. In the first two years, players can also earn XP by playing games. Get XP based on the number of games played and the time. Every time you play a game, you will get hundreds or even thousands of XP.

Unfortunately, the third method has been canceled. Steam wants players to invest more in the purchase of new games. The second method has become a quick upgrade method for players who are willing to spend, and the money is equal to XP. So the common method suitable for ordinary players is the first method. If you want to upgrade quickly, you can spend a small amount of money to buy Fast Steam Level Service.
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