Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on MELODYINTER FORUM. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. New Rules and Regulations

    To all our members, there is a new system update on our forum which is called Auto Robot, which is an automatic detector, which automatically detects any spam, fraud, insults or other any irrelevant post or comments. The auto robot will be deleting, suspending or reduce Cash, if found guilty and the penalty will be heavy.

    Please for you not to be or fall in this category stop the followings;
    1. Duplicate comments
    2. Commenting same thing on different post
    3. Copy and paste of posts from our forum
    4. Insult and abusive words during post, comments and M chats
    5. Fake Referrals
    6. Copy and past of contents from other news outlets/website
    7. Posting without image or article image

    NB: Please allow constructive and educative conversations /arguments that will benefit the forum and that will allow other people to want to participate in the conversation trend.

    For newly registered users before you can start earning Cash you must at least make 5 Post/Comments for approval.

    Support Team
  2. Greetings to all members

    We are please to inform you that news posts as been put on hold/stopped till further notice due to complains and warnings from google.

    Please you are advised as from henceforth to stop posting copy and paste contents from other news outlets/ website until the problem is resolved, for now you can be posting topics that will generate discussion and trend on the forum e.g articles, questions and answers, relevant conversations and discussion.

    Please do not copy and paste from other news outlets or you will banned from the forum.
  3. Why my payment was declined or deducted.

    We are trying to set a standard in the forum.. This is a paid forum, therefore, we are strict with the activities there.

    Our activities comprises of posting, commenting, sharing and referring ... If these activities is not done by you, your payment might be declined.
    Post that needs pictures, if what your post requires picture and you don't add it, such individual's payment might be declined or such post MI might not be added

    If your posts/comments are not detailed... That means, your post/comments are meaningless.. You payment might be declined/deducted

    If we descovered that you are a member, up to 2 month without any referrer.. Your payment might be declined/deducted

    You might not be paid on your referral if your referral do not meet up with number of posting/comments needed. Because some referrals are not active

    Illegal activities such as:- spamming, bots posting/commenting.

    Posts/comments with unnecessary links... Some posts/comments requires links(E.g applications, vacancies etc)

    If you fail to update your profile information and photo or pics