How to create apps with your phone

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How to create apps with your phone

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Creating Android Application has become easier than ever before.

Did you know that you can create Apps with your Android phone less than 30minutes plus you don't need any coding experience just internet connection and you are hooked.

You can create as many apps as you want for yourself , your business or even to earn money with them.

How Much Does It Cost To Create The Applications ?

It cost absolutely nothing but your time,by time I mean less than 30minutes.That is awesome isn't it? create your own Applications for free and you can publish your applications on Google play store which can earn you up to $1000 if it get more downloads.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

You just need to have Android phone with internet connection,email address and you are sorted to get started and create your very own Application.

Note all tutorials are provided on the website

Type On Google search engine

And start creating your own Applications for free and use them to earn money

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Re: How to create apps with your phone

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Hi, thanks for sharing. In additional to your information I can recommend a guide about "how to create an app for android"
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